We’re processing Akima’s DNA.

We’re processing Akima’s DNA.
We’re processing Akima’s DNA.

Då är det på gång!

Kommer att ta 2-3 veckor innan resultat. Det blir en lång väntan, men det är det värt.

  • We’re preparing Akima’s DNA for analysis.
    This step takes about 2-3 weeks, as it involves: DNA Extraction
    Using the swab that you have provided, we go through a series of steps to purify and then amplify your cat’s DNA. These steps make it easier to analyze the DNA in downstream steps.
  • Fragmentation, precipitation, suspension, and hybridization
    This is just a fancy way to say that we break up the DNA into small pieces to make it easier to work with. Then, we look for particular A’s, T’s, C’s, and G’s using “probes” laid out on a special lab chip.
  • Genotyping
    We use a process called “extension” to highlight DNA-bound probes and make them visible. Then, we image the DNA with a sophisticated scanning system. Finally, we use our advanced software to determine your cat’s precise DNA makeup.